We are very proud of our new ‘We Are Stitches Ink‘ introduction video. Created by Wake Less Productions and narrated by our very own Danny Merill, the 3-minute spot gives a glimpse into a small part of what we do at Stitches Ink.

What we are working with here are the Amaya machines, made by Melco. We currently have 18 in operation, and the very cool part about this is they are all ethernet driven. The software is very sophisticated as you can see. This order that we are working on here is for Toyota. There were 204 bags on this order, the stitch count was 3,500 stitches or so. This took us right about an hour. The sophistication of this software, mostly with the speed, but also that each machine is individual. If one of the machine stops, that is the only one that has stopped production. The rest of them are still working & still moving, still producing. The efficiency of the software allows us, with our 18 heads, to be as efficient as a 45 head shop. Making us about 60% faster than any shop running traditional machines. Along with embroidery, we also have a wide format 54″ Rolland printer — basically what we do with that, is not only just car, boat & vehicle wraps for advertising purposes. We also send heat transfer material through the printer so we can print & cut weed & mask, and then heat press this heat transferable material onto shirts. Giving us a screen printing type of option for us to be a one-stop shop for everybody. ~Danny Merrill of Stitches Ink

We hope you’ll take a minute and check it out!